All travellers arriving in Australia must undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities (for example, a hotel), in their port of arrival.


You can travel to Australia if you are:

  • an Australian citizen,

  • a permanent resident,

  • an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or

  • permanent resident or are a New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia.


If you are an immediate family member holding a temporary visa you will need to provide us with evidence of your relationship. Additionally, Australians must avoid all non-essential domestic travel.


There are strict border controls in place for all arrivals to the Northern Territory, including returning Territorians.

Travelling from interstate:

If you are planning to travel to the Northern Territory from interstate after 17 July 2020, everyone must complete a Northern Territory Border Entry Form.


If you’re found to have provided misleading information on your arrival form you could face a fine of $5,056 for an individual, $25,280 for a business and a possible prison term of up to three years.

Anyone arriving into the Northern Territory from or through a declared hotspot in the last 14 days must undertake 14 days mandatory supervised quarantine.

This will be at your own cost. The cost per person for supervised quarantine is $2,500.

Mandatory supervised quarantine will be at the Howard Springs quarantine facility in Darwin or another approved facility elsewhere in the Northern Territory.

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